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At this time all Club Edge events conform to the current Government Covid-19 regulations whatever they may be.

Our events are held at a few different locations in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The location of the event is given with your reservations.

Play Parties: Club Edge Play Parties are held so people have a place to practice BDSM and other lifestyle activities while meeting others with similar interests. Learn and share knowledge. Most Play parties cost $30. Check the listing for exact price. To attend a party you must be vetted. We do this to  protect everyone. To be vetted you must attend a non party event like a Munch or Seminar or be recommended by a person known to us.

Do Not Send an Email the Day before or the day of the party If you need to be vetted, you won't get a reply. This should be taken care of well in advance of the party.

Bizarre Bazaar: This is a gathering of BDSM/Fetish vendors/artisans. Buying online is good, but nothing compares to seeing and holding prospective items in person. Meet the Vendors/Artisans and learn. Many will take special orders.

Classes & Seminars: We hold classes and seminars on many subjects. Experts on different subjects are brought in to teach. Subjects include Sensual Whipping, Rope Bondage, Cock and Ball Torture, Knife Play, Caning, Flogging, Paddles, Needle Play, Fire Play, Wax Play etc...

Kink in the Creek Munch: Munches are a way to become introduced to the community in a vanilla and non-threatening environment. They are also a way to connect with others and discuss issues and make connections. If you are looking to meet someone from online a Munch is a safe and fun place to do that.

Fetish Flea Market: Occasionally we acquire items that we no longer want or need. This event is an opportunity to sell to or trade with other members of the community. 

Fetish Taste Testing: This event affords people to get just a taste of different types of play in a clinical atmosphere. You are in control of the intensity of the play. You are completely able to tap out and walk away. Get to feel a type of play in a non play scene environment of what different types of play feel like.

For information on event dates see the Calendar page

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