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Rules of Club Edge


  1. Club Edge is a PRIVATE PARTY. You must have a reservation to attend. No one will be admitted at the door. We reserve the right to refuse registration and/or entrance to anyone. 

  2. All who register must be Vetted. This can be achieved by attending the Kink in the Creek Munch or being vouched for by someone who has attended Club Edge Parties previously.

  3. Do not give the location to anyone. If they wish to know the location they must register.

  4. Reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  5. You cannot reserve a table. We have had issues in the past so we do not allow it. 

  6. Fetish wear is encouraged, but not mandatory.

  7. No one is required to play or participate in any scene. All play will be safe and consensual.

  8. House safe words are in effect. You may NOT use your own safe words. Stop light system will be used. “RED” means “STOP” (Ouch, fuck you, mother fucker, etc… are not safe words) and if play doesn’t stop immediately it will be stopped by a DM. If a gag or hood is used a pre-arranged signal or drop item must be used. The DM must be advised of this before the scene starts.

  9. We practice R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and P.R.I.C.K. (Personal Responsibility Informed Consensual Kink). Take responsibility for your play.

  10. Anyone who observes what they believe to be bad or unsafe behavior will bring it to the attention of the Moderator on Duty (MOD) or a Dungeon Monitor (DM). Do not interrupt a scene on your own.

  11. No activities for money will be tolerated. Prostitution or solicitation will not be tolerated.  Anyone caught engaging in such activity will be removed from the premises and permanently banned.

  12. No photos or other recording either audio or video is allowed at the party. The exception to this rule is if we set up a booth run by a professional photographer in which case there will be a booth and all will be notified when the party is posted. We may also have a secluded photo area. All photos must point in the direction of the photo area. Recording devices must be put away before leaving that area.

  13. No cellular devices are allowed to be used in the building. If you must take or make a call please step outside. If you have a cellular device it must be on vibrate and out of sight. Having your electronic device out is grounds to be removed from the event. It makes people uncomfortable. Don't be a jerk. Don't take your phone out for any reason.

  14. What happens at the party stays at the party. You can say you had a good time and tell people what you did, but do not describe what other people did by name.

  15. Personal differences stay at the door. If you are not adult enough to behave correctly around someone in attendance you should leave.

  16. Full Nudity is allowed inside the party. If you leave or step outside to smoke you must be covered and in what would be considered street attire. If you are nude (this includes wearing a thong) below the waist you must have a towel or blanket to sit on the furniture

  17. Penetration is not allowed unless it is an expressed penetration positive event

  18. Insertable toys (butt plugs) may be worn as part of your dress. They may not be manipulated during the evening and must remain in place throughout the evening. If it is removed for any reason, it must be immediately be placed in a plastic bag and removed from the premises. It may not be cleaned on the premises.

  19. No scat or water play is allowed.

  20. Momentary breath play is allowed. Any play that appears to endanger someone or restrict their ability to signal a stop to play will be stopped.

  21. Knife play is allowed. Knifes may not be worn. They must be packed away when not in use during a scene.

  22. Wax, Blood, Needle, and Fire play requires permission from the MOD and all proper precautions must be taken. Drop clothes, sharps containers, and safety equipment must be brought in by participants. If a scene becomes unsafe it will be stopped. The scene must be properly protected and cleaned up afterwards.

  23. Should blood or other bodily fluids flow during a scene, precautions must be taken immediately to prevent others from being exposed. If blood starts to flow during an impact play scene it must stop until the bleeding is stopped.

  24. All scenes will be kept to the scene area. No play outside the scene area. No play in the social area of any kind.

  25. You or any person you are playing with may only have a name in one spot on the station sign up board.

  26. Never touch someone else’s property without their permission. This includes toys and people.

  27. Never touch someone without their express permission. The non-consensual touching rule is strictly enforced.

  28. Participants and observers must always be mindful of noise around scenes. There are others participating in scenes and noise can be distracting. Please remember you are in a group environment.

  29. Never enter or interrupt a scene unless you are specifically invited. This includes talking to the participants or making a disturbance. Do not ask for permission during the scene. If you were not invited prior to the scene you may only enter it if the person running the scene invites you in.

  30. No masturbation in the party or on the property.

  31. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on the premises. Anyone bringing these substances into the party will be removed and possibly banned from future events.

  32. No outside food or beverages may be brought into the building without direct permission from the MOD.

  33. No person shall be admitted if they appear to be intoxicated.

  34. No person under the age of 18 shall be admitted.

  35. Should a guest damage any property of the party or the premises, they will be responsible.

  36. Participants use the equipment at your own risk. You are responsible for checking the equipment’s safety before you use it. If you find an issue with a piece of equipment bring it to the attention of the DM or The MOD immediately.

  37. If you wish to use a play station you must be signed up by the DM. Only the DM may write on or make changes to the sign-up board.

  38. Use of the play stations must be kept to under 45 minutes unless prior permission is obtained from the DM. The DM’s decision is final. Play may be extended if no one else is waiting for the equipment.

  39.  Stations may not be booked for a certain time. You must sign up and when your turn comes up you must use the station or loose your spot.

  40. No one may sign up for more than one play station that they or their play partner may be involved in. at any given time.

  41. No one may enter the play area unless they are scheduled to play, it is their turn, and the DM has allowed them access. Please keep the amount of people at any play station to 3 or less.

  42. After using a piece of play equipment it is the responsibility of the person who used it to wipe it down. Unless there is a dungeon attendant on duty. There will be disinfectant wipes and paper towels available at the DM station.

  43. Abusing the equipment will not be tolerated. Climbing or walking the equipment will not be tolerated.

  44. Ejection for breaking rules or non admittance due to lack of ID, being underage, or intoxication is done without a refund.

  45. Violation of any of the rules may result in expulsion from the premises, suspension of access, and/or revocation of all attendance privileges.

  46. Everyone entering the party must be prepared to show ID and must sign the waiver. Refusal to sign the waiver will result in being refused entry.

    1. Please be advised that signing a waiver is a legal and binding contract and will be treated as such.

    2. Signing a waiver does not waive responsibility for negligent or illegal acts or actions.

    3. You may be asked for ID at the door to prove your identity and/or age. You must have legible and legal picture ID to enter.

We are all adults. Let’s act like it and have a good time.

Rules for Bizarre Bazaar


  1. To attend you must be 18 years of age and be able to prove it if asked. If you are asked and cannot provide legal picture identification you will be refused admission.

  2. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone.

  3. No play is allowed during the event.

  4. No touching of anyone or anything without express permission. This includes hugging. Please offer arms and if the person is open to a hug they will offer arms back.

  5. No inappropriate touching.

  6. No genital nudity.

  7. Intoxication will not be tolerated. Anyone appearing to be drunk or acting in an intoxicated manner will be asked to leave.

  8. No photography or recording of any type is allowed in the venue unless approved by the Host.

  9. Do not take out your toys etc. outside of the vending area.

  10. Knives and other edged items must be properly transported. We do not assume responsibility for legal possession and transport.

  11. Theft of any type will not be tolerated and violators will be prosecuted. (Don’t think because of the type of event that we will not call the police and press charges).

  12. Door Prizes: You must be present when your ticket is drawn to win. Do not give your Door Prize ticket to someone else after you have left. If there is no response in a reasonable time to a drawn ticket it will be discarded and another will be drawn. No exceptions.

  13. 50/50 + Prizes Raffle: Need not be present to win, but you must put contact info on the ticket. If there is no contact info on the ticket and no response in a reasonable time another ticket will be drawn and the originally drawn ticket will be discarded.

  14. If you have an issue with someone at the event and cannot be there without causing a scene or making it uncomfortable for others you should leave. We are not responsible for your social problems. Be an adult. If a issue results one or both parties will be removed.

  15. Club Edge and Bizarre Bazaar assume no liability or warranty for any items purchased at the event. Warranties and guarantees are the responsibility of each vendor. Discuss those before purchasing any item.

  16. Not following the rules may result in expulsion from the event and possible banning from future events. Remember this is an open to the public event and your actions reflect upon the community as a whole.


We are all adults. Let’s act like it and have a good time.

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